Build'em and Bust'em Bridges

You drive over bridges every day. Ever take a minute to look at them? Study them? What makes them strong? Find out in this hands-on, minds-on study of various types of bridges. Then design one for yourself. Make it strong because we're gonna push its limits! Your challenge? Build a structure that spans a space and holds the most weight before failing. Learn the relationship between design, structure, and strength and have fun doing it!

Camp Chef Scientific

Camp Chef Scientific is designed for campers' ages 9 - 14. Activities and cooking experiments explore the science behind cooking while learning cooking basics. Chefs will make their own recipes and take home extras to share with their families when available. This is a course for beginning "Chefs", and will include a variety of breakfast, Mexican, and party recipes.

Camp CSI - Forensics

Campers will learn to become Crime Scene Investigators during actual crime scene setups! Campers will learn how law enforcement professional solve crimes and meet real professional Crime Scene Investigators, K-9 Handlers and Forensic Pathologists. You'll use the tools used in the field to collect evidence. Campers will learn how a crime is actually solved and learn how Biology, Chemistry and Physics plays a major role in the investigation!

Sample Projects:
Blood Analysis; Fiber, Handwriting, Fingerprinting, and DNA Analysis!

Camp Emergency Vet

This camp is a young person’s ticket to the world of Veterinary Medicine. Our lessons will give young vets an opportunity to look into the exciting careers of real veterinarians, and allow them to be involved in related hands-on activities and experiments. Each camper will receive his or her very own medical kit.

Sample Topics:
Sheep heart dissection, DNA extraction, Clinical procedure, Diseases and Parasites, First Aid, Dental care, and much more!

Computer Builder and Video Game Creator

Bits, boards, cables, and more. Type code, drag blocks, and cast terminal commands like spells. Learn real code, unlock programming powers. Make your own apps, animations, games, photo filters, light shows and much more. Simple challenges teach campers how, powerful code blocks unlock endless potential.

Current Electricity - Circuitry and Soldering Basics

Campers will explore the basics of circuitry and soldering. Throughout the course of the week campers will build and construct basic circuits, parallel circuits, series circuits and combination circuits out of various materials. The week will conclude with campers building and soldering their own circuit boards to create blinking robots and electronic games.

Lego Robot Adventures

Using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® components to build and program more advanced projects, interactive tutorials make it easy for campers to reach an advanced level of programming as they learn to build robots that travel, monitor sensors, and use advanced programming. Campers will build a variety of increasingly sophisticated robots like the Strider (a six-legged creature), The Rock Climber (a climbing vehicle), The Brick Sorter (a robot that sorts by color and size), The Robotic Arm (a mover and picker), and the exciting Humanoid Robot! This camp presents numerous building and programming challenges throughout the week. Campers are encouraged to think creatively and to apply what they have learned to develop the skills essential in creating their own robot masterpieces.