Coding and Gaming

Meet Dash, Dot and Ozobot. Using robots campers will participate in maze challenges and obstacle courses. These educational robots walk students through coding and programming using fun interactive games where students build and test their skills in math and help them to think further to solve their interactive games. Students will learn how to code their robots to do different commands.

Computer Builder and Video Game Creator

Bits, boards, cables, and more. Type code, drag blocks, and cast terminal commands like spells. Learn real code, unlock programming powers. Make your own apps, animations, games, photo filters, light shows and much more. Simple challenges teach campers how, powerful code blocks unlock endless potential.

The Great Scientists

The great scientists of the past all had one thing in common; they were inspired! During these week we will be inspired ourselves as we discover several great scientists and recreate some of their greatest experiments.

Jr. Doctor

Make no bones about it; this camp is for the aspiring "Young Physician". Campers will learn that their bodies are miles of blood vessels, hundreds of muscles, many thousands of hairs, a furnace, a filter, and a fancy computer! Your Young Physician will really have a pulse on the human body with this camp! Sample Projects: Building a Lung Model! Testing for Germs! Build a Spinal Column! Skin Prints!

Jr. Engineer Inventor

Kids are already naturally gifted creators. In this weeklong camp they will learn about inventors and become great inventors. They also learn to collaborate and create without fear of mistakes. Students will build their own inventions and bring them to light with easy-to-use electronic building blocks. The inventions are endless and so is the fun!

Jr. Robot Inventor

This camp is an introduction into the world of robotics. Campers will learn about the six simple machines and how they are incorporated into more complex machines. Campers will also learn about circuits and power sources as they build our “Mars-like” RC Rover. The radio-controlled RC Rover is capable of performing 23 experiments and activities. Campers will also have fun constructing our Aluminum Can Robot. Campers will work in the areas of observation, experimentation and trial and error as they build, race, and experiment with their robots. Sample Projects: Creating Electric Circuits! Building a remote controlled vehicle, building simple machines with Knex, and constructing a robot made out of aluminum can.

Lego Robotics 2.0

Using LEGO bricks, campers will be introduced to robotics. They will be able to build LEGO models featuring working motors and sensors; program their models; and explore theme-based activities. This course will enhance skills in science, engineering, technology, and coding.