Scientific Theory Proven

We bring our portable labs to you!
It is just that simple! Students rotate through stations performing hands-on experiments which fully support state and national science performance standards. Many of our labs provide a project that students can take home.

All of our lessons help engage students in observation, measurement, identification of properties and experimentation involving life, earth and physical science concepts.

The following science process skills are also emphasized: observing, classifying, comparing, measuring, critical thinking, predicting, hypothesizing, sequencing, and experimentation.

Test Tube Lab: It's a ClubScientific exclusive!
Labs will last for 90 minutes or two 45 minute sessions depending on the school's schedule. The cost of the program is $7.00 dollars per student. There is a minimum fee of $300 per in-school field trip. Call us today for more information.

Listed below are our inquiry based offerings in each grade level:

K-2 Learning Centers
Body and Senses Dinosaurs
Health and Nutrition Insects and Spiders
Ocean Discovery Trees
Weather or NOT! Newton's Cradle
Potions and Polymers Opposites Attract
Make some sense of it! Lighting the Way
Sound Off! Planet Earth

Grades 3-6 Life Science
A peek inside You Animal Observatory
Body Basics Flowering Plants
Is it Alive? Living Things
Microworlds One and Only You
Pond and Streams Seed Mysteries
Small Wonders Smell, Taste, Touch
The Human Body The Human Machine

Earth Science
Breaking Earth's Hold Destination: Moon
Earth Works Cluster Earth and Sun
Fossil Formations Oceans Alive!
Oceans in Motion Our Changing Earth
Planets and Stars Rock Origins
Soil Studies Space Science Cluster
Water Cycle Water World Cluster
Weather Wise  

Physical Science
Bubble Science Charge It! Static Electricity
Clever Levers Crystal Creations
Detective Lab Electrical Connections
Electricity and Magnetism Cluster Electromagnetism
Energy and Motion Flight! Gliders to Jets
Gases Gears at work
Investigating Matter Liquids
Magnetic Magic Physical and Chemical Changes
Pulley Power Simple Machines Cluster
Sound Vibrations Water Physics
Work Plane and Simple Wheels at Work

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